If you are a first-time homeowner, you may not have needed a set of tools before. Most renters simply call a landlord or property manager to fix any problems that come up. Now that you own your home, it’s time to invest in some tools for tasks around the house. While you will continue to add to your toolbox over time, here are 6 basic tools that homeowners should have.


Most homeowners already have a hammer, as it is one of the most basic tools. A 16-ounce claw hammer with a rubber grip is always a good choice. You can drive in nails with the head and use the rip claw on the other side for removing nails. Hammers are most often used for hanging up artwork on the walls and small home improvement projects.

Screwdrivers are Tools that Every Homeowner Should Have

You’ll need both types of screwdriver heads, flat and Phillips. Screwdrivers are handy for tightening and loosening screws all over the house. You’ll use them to secure materials that can’t handle the force of a drill, like outlet and light switchplate covers. While there is a standard screwdriver size, it’s good to invest in one with multiple bits so that you’re ready for any project.


A drill is a must-have for the majority of DIY house projects. Opt for a cordless drill so you can charge it up and use it wherever you need to, including outdoors. A drill will help fasten materials together and make small holes for screws. Drills vary in power, size, and speed, so research your options before deciding on one.


Wrenches are commonly used in plumbing repairs. They grip pipes and pipe fittings as well as nuts and bolts. As the name suggests, pipe wrenches are used on pipes and general use wrenches grip things with flat edges. Both types of wrenches come in adjustable versions, so you don’t need to have a set of several different sizes.


A level is a simple tool that consists of a tube filled with liquid and a bubble inside. It is used for establishing a true horizontal plane. Use a level for installing shelves on a wall, hanging paintings, and even checking that floors are even.

Pliers are Tools that Every Homeowner Should Have

Pliers are generally used for getting a tight grip on small items. To begin building your toolbox, start out with some slip-joint pliers, which have a variety of uses around the home.

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