When organizing the rooms of our homes, one of the most overlooked areas is the garage. It’s where many homeowners stash items they no longer use. Clutter builds up, and finding things in the garage becomes difficult. Here are garage storage tips to help you organize and create a functional space. 

Declutter Before Tackling Garage Storage

The first thing you need to do before organizing your garage is to determine what you will store there. Creating a storage plan will be easier when you know what you have.

To declutter the garage, start by removing everything from the space. Sort your belongings into categories: trash, things you’ll keep, and items you can give away. Before you bring any item back into the garage, ask yourself if you usually use it. If not, it’s best to get rid of it. Removing clutter will help you reduce the number of things you need to organize.

Group Similar Items Together

Store similar items in one place to make it easier to find them. For example, keep your gardening supplies or the children’s toys together. Add labels to your storage bins. Labels help everyone in the household understand where things belong. Your family members are more likely to return items to their proper place when that area is labeled.

Overhead Garage Storage

It’s easy to access belongings that you keep within arm’s reach. But, if you’re storing many things in the garage, that may not be possible. Consider overhead storage for items you don’t use often.

Keep belongings you regularly use on lower shelves so they are easy to reach without a stool or ladder. Store seasonal items –  like pool toys, fishing gear, and holiday decorations – overhead because you don’t need them as frequently.

Storage for Oddly Shaped Items

Some items like rakes, shovels, and leaf blowers don’t sit nicely on shelves. Find a different storage solution for these awkwardly shaped tools. A track system is a perfect option. These kits feature adjustable hooks and bins to accommodate various tools and equipment. 


Attaching pegboards to your garage wall will save floor space while organizing your items. For example, small hooks can hold lightweight items like dustpans and office supplies. Use larger hooks to accommodate things like rakes and shovels.

Be Creative with Garage Organization

Organizing the garage is a great time to implement your skills if you’re a fan of DIY projects. Build wall shelving, repurpose paint cans for storage, and create a storage bin to hold rakes, patio umbrellas, and shovels. Getting creative with your garage storage options will help you save money.

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