Heating Your Home Efficiently This Winter

As the weather gets chilly, it’s important to keep your home comfortable. Winter can be harsh, making efficient indoor heating a top priority for homeowners. A poorly insulated home will show in your monthly utility bill. Because of this, many of us look for new ways to reduce heating bills. Here are the best tips to help heat your home efficiently so that you don’t continue to overpay.

Seal Rooms to Heat Your Home Efficiently

Cold air seeping into your house is one of the most common reasons for a high heating bill. While you may be tempted to increase the temperature on your thermostat to warm up the space, this is a costly and temporary solution.

Instead, check all of the seals around doors and windows and use weatherstripping and caulk to fortify vulnerable areas. Purchase a door sweep for every door that leads outside and install them at the bottom of the door to help keep cool air out of your home. These are easy fixes when compared to a high heating bill.

Heat Your Home Using a Programmable Thermostat

This is one of the best ways that you can improve your home’s energy efficiency. A programmable thermostat connects to your heating unit like normal, but unlike a standard thermostat, you can set the temperature to adjust automatically. This helps you to always have the thermostat set at the most appropriate temperature without having to remember to change it. Most models even let you control the temperature from a smartphone app. This is perfect if you are away from home and need to adjust your schedule. 

Don’t Block Heat Vents

Don’t put furniture or other items in front of radiators, registers, or vents. Not only is this a potential fire hazard, but it will also reduce the airflow in a room. This creates cold pockets and forces your heating system to run for a longer amount of time, which increases your heating bills. Instead, make sure that radiators and vents are not obstructed so that they can heat the entire room.

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