Many buyers who are purchasing a newly constructed home think that they don’t have to hire a professional home inspector before they finalize the sale because a new construction home is flawless. However, regardless of the age of the home, you should always have a home inspection before closing. Here are 3 reasons to order a home inspection on new construction.

Home Inspectors Check More Than Building Codes

The construction crew knows all of the local building codes that the house has to meet, but with multiple crews and a tight schedule, it’s easy to let one or two things slip. The municipal inspector is required to come and check for code compliance but doesn’t inspect anything beyond that.

An independent inspector checks all of the home’s components and makes detailed observations in the report. During the new construction inspection, home inspectors look at the foundation, the framing, how the sheetrock is hung, the electrical wiring, the plumbing, and much more.

Home Inspectors Look at All of the Details

Home inspectors look beyond whether the new house meets building codes. The most important thing about a home inspection on new construction is to make sure that everything is installed and working properly.

Items that are carefully inspected include:

• All appliances
• Doors
• HVAC systems
• Windows
• Plumbing
• Gutters
• Roof

Home Inspection on New Construction: 3 Phases

Experts have different opinions about the number of times a brand-new home should be inspected, but the general rule of thumb is that hree inspections are sufficient. The first inspection should take place before the foundation is poured. The purpose of this inspection is to make sure the home will be level and that the construction site is properly prepped.

The second inspection takes place once the roof, frame, and windows are in place. During this inspection, the inspector goes over the entire structure and makes sure everything is properly installed. This the time to look at the wiring, plumbing, and any problems due to improper installation or faulty materials.

The third inspection takes place right before you’re ready to move in (or before you put the new house on the market.) During this inspection, the inspector checks that everything works properly, the home is safe for occupancy, and the components are all in sound condition.

Ordering a home inspection on new construction will give you the confidence to move forward with the next steps, knowing that your new home is in optimal condition.

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