When you commit to remodeling any part of a home, two things come to mind: budget and return-on-investment. There are some kitchen remodeling ideas that will help you build your home’s value. Consider these 4 smart projects when remodeling your kitchen.

Countertop Materials for Kitchen Remodeling

Countertops are one of the most-used elements of the space, so they need to be durable and functional. They are also a focal point of the room. Several quality materials to choose from are solid-surface, quartz, and granite.

Solid-surface countertops are made with a polymer material and are water-resistant. They are considered a mid-grade choice in countertop materials. Quartz is made from engineered stone and provides a more upscale look. It is harder than solid-surface countertops and made from pieces of quartz mixed with resins. Granite is a natural stone material, mostly imported from India, Brazil, and China. It provides unique patterns and colors for your countertops.

Some other commonly used countertop materials include soapstone, marble, limestone, and butcher block. For more unique alternatives, choose from all stainless steel, epoxy, concrete, and glass. More eco-friendly choices are bamboo, reclaimed wood, and PaperStone, a material made from recycled paper.


When remodeling the kitchen, don’t forget the space between the countertops and the cabinets. Adding a backsplash provides the opportunity to add various colors, designs, and materials to the kitchen walls. You can choose colors that complement a particular object or an overall theme in the kitchen. The design could be mosaic, smooth, textured, glossy, matte, and even mirrored. Backsplash materials protect the drywall from grease splatters and water.

Kitchen Remodeling and Cabinets

The most expensive part of a kitchen remodel can be the cabinets, at nearly 40% of the total budget. Choose cabinets that complement all the other elements of the area. You’ll probably need four fundamental kinds of cabinets: the base, wall, specialty units, and pantry cabinets. Once these are properly measured out within the space, choose colors and materials along with cabinet pulls for a finishing touch. Some specialty cabinet units to choose from are corners, hutches, bottle or pan racks, suspended assembly, cutlery drawers, end-cabinet shelves, tilt-out cabinet fronts, and trash or recycling cabinets.

Most homeowners choose solid wood cabinets. Maple and hickory are more resistant to scratches and dents as both are harder woods. Alternatives like mahogany, oak, and walnut are more expensive. For a more modern or eclectic kitchen design, consider stainless steel or wood cabinets with a laminate façade.

Lighting for Kitchen Remodeling

A kitchen is the most used space in any home and needs adequate lighting. There are three typical lighting components used:

Ceiling fixtures and pendants are the brightest and most versatile lighting. Install these types around heavily-used areas like above an island and over the sink. The light from these fixtures emits the greatest coverage.

Under-cabinet lighting is the best lighting choice in kitchen areas where specific functions occur. It also will draw attention to the backsplash and countertops if all the other lights are turned off.

Recessed lighting is the most versatile because it can be placed intermittently throughout the entire kitchen or strategically installed over a particular element of the kitchen that you choose to highlight. It also creates a soft and glowing ambiance.

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