The roof on your house shields the interior from moisture, helps retain heated or cooled air, and protects your family and belongings from the elements. However, a roof doesn’t last forever. Between age, exposure to the sun, wind, rain, and storm damage, there are many reasons you might need a new roof. Here are five signs that your roof is ready to be replaced.

Missing or Buckling Shingles are Signs You Need a New Roof

Shingles should lay flat and stay put. One missing or warped shingle does not mean that a new roof is needed. A single shingle can easily be replaced. If it is a widespread problem across the whole roof, there is a reason for concern. If you see bare patches or buckled shingle edges across the roof, you may need a new roof.

Interior Staining

Surprisingly, one of the places to look for determining the health of a roof is not on the outside of the house. The attic will give you insight into how well your roof is holding up. Staining or moisture inside the attic is a warning sign that you might need a new roof. Determine whether the water stain is due to an active leak by checking for moisture and testing for mold. On a sunny day, enter the attic and look for sunlight shining through roof boards to find potential gaps.


Rooflines should not droop or slump over time. If your roof is sagging visibly, this could mean that the supporting joists are no longer doing their job. When a roof sags, not only is the strength of the roofing in question but dips provide places for moisture to collect, putting additional pressure on an already compromised roof structure. Sagging can accelerate any leaks or weak spots on the roof, causing water damage to further weaken the roof.

Green Spots

Be on the lookout for any shingles that start to develop a green hue. While this moldy area might not look dangerous, it may indicate that you need a new roof. If your roof has green, moldy areas or even plants growing on the shingles, it is collecting moisture and should be repaired or replaced.

It Has Been 15-25 Years

Most asphalt roofs have a lifetime limit of 15 to 25 years, so simply looking at your home records to see the age of your roof can tell you if you need a new roof. Even if the other signs aren’t present, age alone is an important indicator that you should replace your roof. Since time and weather affect the safety and integrity of your roof, an outdated roof should be replaced.

When You Need a New Roof

Replacing the roof is just part of protecting the investment in your home. Evaluations of your shingles, flashing, and gutters and knowing when the roof was originally installed will let you know when it is time to plan for a new roof.

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