Although you may look forward to the summer, the hot weather may harm your grass. With extra care, a healthy lawn can tolerate stress due to droughts and higher temperatures. Proper summer lawn care is imperative to keep the grass looking its best and improves your home’s curb appeal.

Lawn Care for Summer

Follow these simple lawn care tips to guarantee your lawn grows strong, green, and healthy even during the summer heat.

Keep the Grass Hydrated

Water your lawn deeply early in the morning or evening when the weather is warm. Watering the grass daily is unnecessary; doing so might encourage fungus growth or root issues. It is better to water for a longer duration a few times a week. This method will allow the water to soak into the soil, promoting a deeper root system. To improve the efficiency of your watering, use a soaker hose.

Mow High and Leave the Clippings

During the summer, mowing your lawn too short can stress and damage the grass. The shorter the grass is, the more sun reaches the soil and burns the grass. Taller blades of grass provide shade and help the root system retain moisture.

Set the blades on your lawnmower higher than usual during the summer. Rather than bagging the grass clippings, leave them on the lawn to provide additional shade and to add nutrients to the soil.

Summer Lawn Care: Sharpen the Mower Blades

When the blade on your mower becomes dull, it can tear the grass, causing ragged edges that quickly turn brown. Damage grass is more susceptible to disease-causing organisms. Sharpen the mower blades at the beginning of the season and after 25 hours of use. 

Fertilize the Lawn

As the temperatures rise, the soil warms up, and the soil conditions change. During this time of year, your summer lawn care routine will shift because the grass requires different nutrients to remain strong and healthy.

During the summer, your grass won’t need as much nitrogen as it does throughout the rest of the year. Nitrogen promotes new growth, but the fresh grass won’t survive in excessive heat.

If you need to fertilize in summer, use a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer. Your grass will receive the nutrients it needs without causing damage. The wrong fertilizer can cause scorched spots on the lawn.

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