What is Thermal Imaging in Home Inspections?

Thermal imaging in home inspections uses infrared technology to find issues that a home inspector can’t detect with conventional tools. With an infrared camera, the inspector can discover problems like moisture leaks and electrical hot spots behind walls. Thermal imaging is the best way to get a comprehensive report on the true condition of your property.

Who Should Ask for Thermal Imaging?

Most home inspections are done for potential buyers during the sale of a house. A thermal imaging scan will provide more detailed information for the inspection report. If you are in the process of buying a home, hire an inspector who includes thermal imaging in the home inspection.

Homeowners who are not selling a home can also benefit from thermal imaging in home inspections. As a home ages, repairs and upgrades will be needed. Thermal imaging helps uncover issues that may not be readily visible and could be costing the homeowner unnecessary expenses.

Moisture Issues

Moisture issues are a problem for some homeowners. Foundational leaks can lead to structural damage and mold growth. Leaking roofs can cause extensive damage as well. Thermal imaging in home inspections uses infrared technology to help identify areas where moisture is a concern. Leaks often happen behind walls, and unless the wall or ceiling is stained, this would not be visible during a standard home inspection.

Air Drafts

Most homeowners become aware of airflow issues when they see damaged seals or feel drafts near windows and doors. However, you may also be losing heat from places you can’t detect.

Damaged or poor insulation behind the walls will cause homes to heat or cool inefficiently, and you’ll see increased heating and cooling bills as your home struggles to maintain a set temperature. Thermal imaging helps the inspector locate faulty insulation so the homeowner can make repairs.

Limitations for Thermal Imaging in Home Inspections

Thermal imaging is not able to predict future conditions in a home. However, it’s safe to assume that current issues will lead to future problems. An infrared camera makes a great addition to a professional home inspection. You’ll gain more robust information about the condition of the home documented through images and details in your inspection report.

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